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Rooprashi, an HR Professional working with GAIL (India) Ltd., a Maharatna Public-Sector Unit (PSU) is a budding writer. She has an artistic bent of mind since childhood and was involved in many activities in her school and college days. Since, the age of ten, she has been doing stage performances in singing and plays musical instruments like harmonium, piano, and flute. She is also quite active in sports like Table Tennis and has participated in “Artificial Wall Climbing” sport at National Level two times.

While she has always had a keen interest in writing, she never took her chance with it. It was when she became a mother, she felt a strong urge and confidence to write and she wrote a piece “Motherhood- An Ocean Of Feelings” which was published on a few websites. To her surprise her article, which was shared online on a Facebook page, received amazing reviews and feed backs. Many people shared her article and commended her on it. This paved the way to her debut novel ‘The Girl Who Saw It All’. Thereafter, she gained her confidence in writing and starting blogging. She loves writing motivational and spiritual pieces as well as quotes.


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