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Ajay K Pandey grew up with big dreams in the modest NTPC township of Rihand Nagar. He studied Engineering in Electronics at IERT (Allahabad) and then did his MBA at IIMM (Pune) before taking up a job in a corporate. He is currently working with Cognizant, Pune.

Apart from writing, he wants to follow his role model, Mother Teresa, and make a contribution to society. He aspires to start a charitable trust that would support aged people and educate children with special needs.

Ajay’s first book, You are the Best Wife, was published by Srishti Publishers in 2015, and went on to become a bestseller. Based on his life, it went straight to the hearts of his readers. The sequel, You are the Best Friend, was also received with much appreciation. His next two books, Her Last Wish and A Girl to Remember, have only expanded his fan base and cemented his place on the bestseller lists.

Ajay makes it a point to individually connect with and respond to all his readers, making him a personal favourite for many. He has also introduced many people to the world of reading.

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Author Interview

©Ajay Kumar Pandey is Author of the book ” you are the best wife” . It’s his first book and very inspiring too.

Here’s the Interview of Ajay Kr. Pandey by me.


1. Congratulations on the book. Tell us about the journey after the manuscript was ready on your laptop.

Ans- Thanks for the wishes; Journey was of course not a cakewalk. I had carried my proposal with me for more than one year. And after a year I got positive response from Srishti. But then I was inclined to release it on Bhavna’s birthday for which I have to wait for another year.

2. In your case, you never aspired to be a writer but the circumstances made you one. How difficult was it to put down the whole story in words?

Ans- Initially it was not very difficult to write as I was writing my own journey, but later on I realized I have to present the content in creative manner to trigger the interest of the readers. Then the struggle started, I read many books to know nuances of writing. And re-edited it a dozen of times to present my draft for final editing. It took one and half years to share the final draft with the publisher.

3. I am sure the book will touch many lives. How has the book transformed your life?

Ans- You are right; it transformed me in many ways. I found a confident person inside me.

This is not just a book for me. The purpose behind the book is to give tribute to Bhavna. It gives me immense satisfaction to see her alive in so many hearts. So I am more than happy.

4. Since it’s a real story, the book has a really sad ending. What do you want the readers to ‘take-away’ from the book?

Ans- Though ending is sad but it is not stereotyped and tragic, the ending has hope and inspiration. I don’t want to reveal the ending; the person reading the book will understand.

From the first page to the last, it has many messages. But the main message that I personally wish to highlight is “one who is born will die”. Life journey of every person has same destination i.e. death but the path we choose to reach the destination matters the most. So quality in life matters, not the quantity.

5. Bhavna, your wife has become immortal through this book. What more do you plan to do for the ‘best wife’?

Ans- As I already mentioned that whatever will be the earnings from the book will be donated for good cause in life and if this book will reach the peak of success than I have a hidden plan which I don’t want to reveal now. Because I believe in, a person should do rather making announcements. So let the good time come. I am confident that her journey would transform many lives. This is the best way to prove that she is the best wife.

6.  Do you wish to write more books? Why or why not? What kind of books do you read?

Ans- I never had a thought to write even a short story but this book has given me a lot of appreciation and enthusiasm and my readers are definitely not leaving me with single book. So I will come back with something inspirational but currently nothing to share.

I read love stories that have deep thought and message behind it.  I don’t prefer love stories with childish theme and forced intimate scenes. Sometimes I also like to read stories inspired from real life.

7. This isn’t a book, this is not even a chapter of your life, this is more then all that. After having accomplished it, what is your state of mind at present?

Ans- This is a journey of decade and a story of a college going boy and girl to becoming parents, so of course this cannot be a chapter of my life. It is indeed an amazing feeling to see your own life in to words and even a single small message of appreciation makes my day.

Currently I am looking ways to promote the book so that message can reach to the masses. The constant appreciation makes me feel that this book will reach to its destination someday,


I am feeling very thankful to Ajay Kumar Pandey for being so supportive.

Wishing, for success of your book. It will be a best seller.

If you want to buy the book ” you are the best wife”  you can buy it from

http://amazon.in/you are the best wife

Or from your nearest book store.

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