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Manohar Malgonkar is an Indian author and columnist. His published works include Inside Goa, A Teller of Tales, Cactus Country, Shalimar, The Devil s Wind, Spy in Amber, Bandicoot Run, Bombay Beware, Chatrapatis of Kolhapur, Distant Drum, and Dropping Names. His writing explores various social, historical, and biographical themes.

It often draws on the events surrounding Indian Independence as a backdrop for his plots. Manohar Malgonkar was born under royal lineage on July 12, 1913. He graduated from Bombay University and went on to serve as an officer in the Maratha Light Infantry. He was also a civil servant, a hunter, a farmer, and a mine owner.

Malgonkar contributed columns regularly to Indian newspapers like Deccan Herald and The Statesman. He lived near Belgaum, Karnataka. His only daughter, Sunita, died in 1998. Malgonkar passed away on June 14, 2010.


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