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Shira Rubinoff is a recognized cybersecurity executive, cybersecurity and blockchain advisor, global keynote speaker, and influencer who has built two cybersecurity product companies and led multiple women-in-technology efforts. She currently serves as President of the NYC-based technology incubator Prime Tech Partners and the social-media-security firm SecureMySocial.

She also serves on the boards of the Executive Women's Forum for Information Security, Leading Women in Technology, the blockchain company Mainframe and the artificial intelligence (AI) companies TrueConnect and Pypestream. An expert in the human factors of information technology and security, Ms. Rubinoff was named one of New Jersey's Best 50 Women in Business, was named by CSO Magazine as a Woman of Influence, was honored by CSO and the EWF with their "One to Watch" award, and was honored as the 2017 "Outstanding Woman in Infosec" by the CyberHub Summit.

She has also been calculated by analysts to be the top female cybersecurity influencer globally on social media. Ms. Rubinoff also created numerous video series, including a series of interviews with the top executives of the most prominent cybersecurity and technology companies. She has published many articles, and lectures, on topics related to the human factors of cybersecurity, blockchain, and related topics, and holds several patents/patents-pending in areas related to the application of psychology to improve information technology and cybersecurity.


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