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John Milton Fogg is a legend in the networking marketing profession. He's been called "The Napoleon Hill of Network Marketing" and for more than 25 years he's been Networking-the-Networkers, writing books and articles, doing interviews, tele-conferences, hosting seminars and developing on-line communities. John resides in North Garden, Virginia, USA, with his wife Katyusha and their two children, Ele age 10 and Anais who is 6.

He's the author of the million-selling industry classic "The Greatest Networker in the World," founder of Upline and Network Marketing Lifestyles magazines, creator of the Upline Masters Weekends and has spoken to tens-of-thousands of Networking audiences around the world. John is also the co-author with Ted Nuyten of's "Plan B."

At age 64, John recently signed up as a Network Marketer to build a business for home with the U.S. based company Isagenix.


Interview of John Milton Fogg author of The Greatest Networker in the World

by Abiola Saba Podcast

Publication date 2016-11-05

John is a writer and a professional InterNetwork Marketer. He has been Involved and Inlove with the home-business profession for more than 27 years.

John authored "The Greatest Networker in the World," which is one of the best-selling Network Marketing titles with over one million sold around the world.

John has a BFA in Photography from the Philadelphia College of Art and have been a carpenter, laborer, salesman, photographer, Director of Marketing for a Natural Food company, marketing consultant, copy and “ghost” writer, coach, founding Editor-in-Chief (four-times), Chairman of the Board (once and never again!)— a whole bunch of working-world stuff.

John's speaking "career" has taken him all around the Americas and the world.

His speaking has taken him all around America and to Australia, Canada, China (Taiwan), Costa Rica, Crete, Dubai, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia (Moscow, Kazan

He host MasterMind Sessions, BeliefBusters, Speaking & Listening and Coaching For MLM Leaders and his latest (greatest) "A Weekend With The Greatest Networker in the World," He host TGN Weekends where he invites five people to his home for a life-changing, transformational experience.

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