The Battle of Barki

Kiran Nirvan , Brig Kanwaljit Singh



1965: Indian Army is preparing for a full-fledged war on its western border. After the Pakistan army’s infiltration into Jammu and Kashmir, Indian Army decides to threaten Lahore to divert Pakistani forces from J&K towards Lahore.
The Pakistani town of Barki, only twenty odd kilometres from Lahore, acts as the strongest defensive position for the Pakistan army. Therefore, its capture, though almost impossible, is crucial. 4 SIKH, commanded by Lt Col Anant Singh, is assigned the task of capturing Barki.
4 SIKH faces fierce resistance from the entrenched enemy soldiers. As casualties rise and the unit gets pinned down by heavy enemy fire, all hopes of taking over the Barki police station now rest on young Lt Kanwaljit Singh.
In the face of heavy odds, Lt Kanwaljit leads his brave men to victory in the iconic BATTLE OF BARKI.
After six days of continuous battle, 4 SIKH is ordered to press forward towards Khemkaran, not knowing that they will be taken Prisoners of War.
Witness the finest blend of human emotions and undaunted soldiering against heavy odds that leads a young officer to discover the true meaning of naam, namak and nishaan.

Language English
ISBN-13 ‎ 978-9390441853
No of pages 272
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 15 Nov 2022

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Author : Kiran Nirvan


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