Donald Trump

Gwenda Blair



On the hugely successful hit reality TV show The Apprentice, Donald Trump tells his contenders that location and pricing are supremely significant. But in his own life, there have been other maxims: Do whatever it takes to win. Don't spare the chutzpah. Always use the superlative. Make everything into an advertisement for yourself. Whatever happens, always claim victory. Following these personal commandments, he has turned bragging, self-inflation, and showing off into competitive advantages that have brought him national and international renown. In Donald Trump: Master Apprentice, best-selling author Gwenda Blair recounts a true-life history with more twists and turns than any television producer could possibly imagine. Towering skyscrapers and glittering casinos, a luxury airline and a football-field-size yacht, steamy affairs and bitter lawsuits, near bankruptcy and stormy feuds -- all this and more are part of the life of Trump. An adaptation and update of her definitive biography, The Trumps, this new book provides fresh material on Donald Trump's brushes with bankruptcy, mammoth construction projects, and ever-expanding place in American life. Drawing on recent interviews with the celebrated real estate magnate, his associates, his rivals, and contestants from his television show, Blair offers new insight into the man who seems to have it all. For the first time, we also get a glimpse of the person who will ultimately decide the fate of the Trump brand: Donald Trump, Jr., the real-life apprentice who hopes to put his own imprint on his father's empire.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Family Influence: The book may delve into the influence of Trump's family, including his father Fred Trump, and how their business practices and values shaped Donald Trump's approach to real estate and business.

  2. Business Ventures: Insights into Donald Trump's various business ventures, including real estate, casinos, and other endeavors, and how they contributed to both his success and setbacks.

  3. Brand Building: Exploration of Trump's strategies for brand building, including his use of publicity, marketing, and self-promotion to enhance his public image and business ventures.

  4. Financial Ups and Downs: Details about Trump's financial successes, as well as periods of financial turmoil or bankruptcy, and the impacts on his business empire.

  5. Personality and Leadership Style: Examination of Donald Trump's personality traits, leadership style, and how they influenced his business decisions and interactions.

  6. Political Ambitions: Insights into Trump's early political interests, connections, and how they might have shaped his eventual foray into politics.

  7. Relationships and Controversies: Discussion of Trump's relationships, controversies, legal battles, and the influence they had on his personal and professional life.

  8. Legacy and Impact: Assessment of Trump's lasting impact on the business world, real estate industry, and his influence on American culture and politics.

  9. Criticism and Opposition: Examination of criticism, opposition, and controversies faced by Donald Trump throughout his career and public life.

  10. Lessons and Reflections: Extracting lessons from Donald Trump's experiences, successes, failures, and the potential insights his life story offers about business, leadership, and public persona.

Language English
ISBN-13 9780743275101
No of pages 303
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Simon & Schuster
Published Date 01 Mar 2005

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