The Cause of Suffering is the Lack of Love




Simplifying spirituality, Dadashreeji’s compiled blogs, talks and interviews share the essence of human life, the Divine, and everything that lies in between. He unveils simple practical solutions, powered with ancient wisdom, imparts higher subtle knowledge, and offers guidance on an extensive range of topics to empower the seeker to lead a balanced, purposeful, joyous, and fulfilling life while transforming the ignorant self with love and freedom.

“What connects you to the Divine instantly and strongly is ‘Love’.
When you connect through Love, you find the Divine is within you.”
– Divine Friend Dadashreeji

Bonus Chapter: Discover untold epiphanic rendezvous about the timeless incarnation, Mahavatar Babaji, from his direct disciple Dadashreeji and embrace blessed words of the highest truth. For a believer, a seeker, or an atheist, this guidebook provides complete clarity on awakening to self-realization, enlightenment to liberation, and beyond.

A must-book for every human being who simply wants to love and bring an imperative harmonious change in someone’s life. Get ready to make the divine your friend and experience transformative energy within!

Language English
ISBN-13 9789388930574
No of pages 226
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 01 Sep 2019

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Author : Dadashreeji


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