When I Am with You

Durjoy Datta



You can plan everything, but you can't plan with whom and when you'll fall in love, isn't it?
Aishwarya, at twenty-eight years, would rather be a single mother than trust the 'normal' family structure. In her new start-up, she wants to revolutionize childcare for young woman professionals-this is her ultimate goal. Plus, she's in a hurry to do it all. On her mind is the ambitious and good-looking Akshay, perfect genetic material, but he's not ready to be part of her plans. Yet.
In comes Dhiren, who has made and lost his money in cryptocurrency. He takes up the first floor of Aishwarya's nursery building and, by a queer coincidence, begins to work for her. Her friends Smriti and Vinny, as protective as mother hens, warn her against Dhiren. There is something that he's hiding along with his friend Neeraj-they just don't know what.
Things begin to take shape but really, it's just the beginning of a disaster. The only thing that can save them is what they don't want-love.
Crazy, quirky and so utterly romantic, this book is the ultimate relationship roller coaster!

Language English
ISBN-10 9780143448358
ISBN-13 9780143448358
No of pages 288
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Penguin metro reads
Published Date 15 Aug 2022

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