The Chancellor Manuscript.

Robert Ludlum



Did J. Edgar Hoover die a natural death - or was he murdered? A top-notch thriller from the No. 1 bestselling author Robert Ludlum. Inver Brass: a group of high-minded and high-placed intellectuals. They see a monstrous threat to the country in Hoover's unethical use of his scandal-ridden private files. And so they decide to do away with him - quietly, efficiently, with no hint of impropriety.

Until bestselling thriller writer Peter Chancellor stumbles upon information that makes his previous books look like harmless fairy tales. Now Chancellor and Inver Brass are on a deadly collision course, spiraling across the globe in an ever-widening arc of violence and terror. They are hurtling towards a showdown that will rip Washington's intelligence community apart, leaving only one damning document to survive: The Chancellor Manuscript...

Language English
ISBN-10 0-553-26094-4
ISBN-13 978-1409119890
No of pages 438
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Orion
Published Date 02 Sep 2010

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