A Colonel's Crusades with Destiny An Autobiography

Sateesh Bhola



The book is basically about my hardships, challenges, and struggles encountered at every stage of my life, right from the Adolescence age till retirement from the Indian Army and thereafter, and how I overcame these with sagacity, resolute will power, determination, wisdom, and by remaining in a state of high life condition. My supersession in the army never dampened my spirits or traumatized me or my family. I continued to give my very best under all circumstances and situations. Like any other person, I too had my infatuations, crushes, and emotional attachment with the opposite sex. But my loyalties with my wife were never compromised. We are leading a very happy and contented married life with total harmony in the family comprising of my two sons and one daughter- in - law and my 3 grandchildren. My eldest son is married to an Irish lady and they are staying in Drogheda county in Ireland. Incidentally, the marriage of my son was solemnized in our presence in Ireland in July 2010. Truth has been my fundamental ingredient, which put me in embarrassing situations many times. I firmly believe in the dictum that," A bitter Truth is always better than a sweet lie and two wrongs do not make a right." Whatever tasks were entrusted to me were undertaken by me meticulously and methodically in an honest and transparent manner without bothering about the negative perception, if any of others. I and my wife 's induction into Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism was a shot in the arm, which provided us with a golden opportunity to improve ourselves as good human beings and continue to lead a life of " Absolute Happiness." I have always endeavored to live a King-sized life on my own terms and conditions. I have been very candid ( but not a cribber ) in my opinions in calling a spade a spade, leading to my true and selfless intentions to be misconstrued at times in the environment. And for which I had to suffer emotionally. I was a regular nonstop drinker for 43 years, but suddenly I left this addiction including gambling of horse racing and IPL cricket matches a few years ago in February 2017. It was purely due to my determination and will power, especially doing so without any therapy, medical intervention, and rehabilitation. My friends have been my lifeline and I always endeared to love and like their company. Writing my Autobiography was my long-cherished dream, which I ventured to fructify during this sudden lockout enforced upon us due to the pandemic. I always knew my inner strengths and weaknesses. Nothing is impossible in this world and I firmly believe in the dictum that, " you become whatever you think."

Language English
ISBN-13 978-9390543090
No of pages 270
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 30 Nov 2021

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Author : Sateesh Bhola


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