Hariprasad Chaurasia: Romance Of The Bamboo Reed.

Uma Vasudev



Krishna is a subject that holds eternal fascination for writers, poets, philosophers and artistes. He demands love, faith, devotion and surrender. He has been the favourite subject of researchers and authors. Many books have featured him in their critiques covering various facets of his personality. This volume, Krishna in Performing Arts is `one of its kind' for it is a monumental work that presents a detailed exposition of the multi-faceted influence of Krishna in the field of performing arts.

He has influenced poses and stances of certain dance forms; he has been associated with `aas', `maharaas' and the `madan bhramari'; he has caused development and evolution of whole genre of dance theatres, operas, classical dance forms, ballads, music forms, rituals, make-up and costumes associated with performing arts, floor art, as well as cloth paintings that are unique in presentation, content and devotion.

He is celebrated in all seasons and he is associated with festivals involving performing arts much more than any other deity. His personality, his deeds and his philosophy serve not only as themes for performing as well as visual arts but also for psychologists and psychoanalysts. This volume with its detailed exploration, exhaustive information and liberal use of photographs is a must for all. There are several interesting nuggets of information that are not to be found in other books on Krishna, including a comparative glimpse into the attributes of Shiva and Krishna, the two principal deities of performing arts.

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Published Date 30 Mar 2006

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