Hitts & Mrs.

Lori Bryant-Woolridge


Two people, separated by age and color but united in love, find themselves headed down an uncertain path -- a path the head rejects, but the heart demands be followed ...Melanie Hitts is a charming African-American woman who is attractive, professional, and fiercely independent. Following a whirlwind romance, she accepts the proposal of successful and devoted Will Freedman, only to walk away several months later convinced that giving in to love means giving up her dreams. Melanie heads to Manhattan to heal her heart and embark on a career as an interior designer. Soon after, she meets John Carlson, an older, white, internationally famous architect, who is dangling precariously at the end of his creative rope. Brought together as muse and mentor, a spark between them ignites and -- despite his twenty-three-year marriage -- John and Melanie come together. Through her relationship with John, and with her former fiancé Will in hot pursuit, Melanie sets off on a path of discovery. But once she decides that she's ready to go from a Hitts to a Mrs. will the man she chooses be available?
Language English
ISBN-10 0-06-054059-1
No of pages 367
Book Publisher Harper Collins Publishers
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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Author : Lori Bryant-Woolridge

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