The Competitive Power of Constant Creativity

Clay Carr



How can your organization get and keep a competitive advantage in today's super-competitive markets? By constantly developing practices, processes, products, and services that are both new and profitable. Clay Carr calls this ongoing form of innovation "constant creativity" And companies that have it won't just lead the pack - they'll leave their competitors in the dust

The Competitive Power of Constant Creativity is the first book to link creativity to everyday business processes and results, including technology applications, product development, marketing, hiring, and people management. More than an "ideas" book, this success manual provides you with clear, step-by-step guidance on ways to generate workable solutions to new challenges - not just once in a while, but continuously.

Carr defines the seven qualities of a creative organization and provides an original model for becoming a creative system from top to bottom - not just in isolated pockets. You'll learn ten key attributes that foster organizational flexibility (and thus, creativity) and discover how to handle diversity and conflict constructively to support change.

Transforming an organization into a constantly creative one is not without its challenges - and The Competitive Power of Constant Creativity is quick to help you tackle them. It offers suggestions on how to combine technology and creativity and how to operate creatively without sacrificing efficiency.

On the people side, it explores issues of leadership, teamwork, and the learning organization. In addition, the book supplies valuable tips for managing human resources, including ways to recruit and keep creative employees.

Individual creativity is not enough to secure competitive excellence in any company these days. But an organizationwide effort to be constantly creative in all processes and practices can give your company the boost it needs to be better, faster, cheaper, and more customer-oriented than the competition. It's the only secret weapon you'll ever need.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Continuous Innovation: Emphasize the importance of continual innovation and creativity as a means to gain a competitive edge in business.

  2. Adaptability and Flexibility: Promote a culture that values adaptability and flexibility, enabling organizations to respond effectively to changes in the market.

  3. Encouraging a Creative Environment: Foster an environment that nurtures and encourages creativity among employees. Embrace diverse perspectives and ideas.

  4. Problem-Solving Through Creativity: Use creativity as a tool for problem-solving and addressing challenges faced by the organization.

  5. Risk-Taking and Experimentation: Encourage calculated risk-taking and experimentation, allowing for new ideas and solutions to emerge.

  6. Customer-Centric Innovation: Focus on innovation that directly addresses customer needs and preferences, enhancing the value of products or services.

  7. Collaboration and Cross-Functional Teams: Foster collaboration among different departments or teams to combine expertise and creativity for innovative solutions.

  8. Leadership Support: Engage leadership in championing and supporting a culture of constant creativity, demonstrating its importance throughout the organization.

  9. Learning and Development: Invest in continuous learning and development initiatives to enhance creative thinking skills among employees.

  10. Measuring and Rewarding Creativity: Establish metrics to measure creative output and recognize and reward innovative ideas and contributions.

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Published Date 07 Jan 1994

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Author : Clay Carr


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