The Dangerous Book of Heroes.

Conn Lggulden , David Lggulden


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From the co-author of the bestselling ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys’, this is a book of heroes, new and old, known and sadly forgotten, now to be glorified as they ought to be.

From Captain Scott to Joe Simpson, from Douglas Bader to Ernest Shackleton, from Gertrude Bell to Emily Pankhurst, Conn Iggulden brings our great heroes from history back to life.

Filled with the British sense of fair play and decency that made ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys’ so popular, ‘The Dangerous Book of Heroes’ celebrates those who fought for what is right and good, those who made amazing discoveries, those who moved boundaries in their lifetimes.

A book of heroes written by Conn Iggulden, a man who knows what makes a hero.

Language English
ISBN-10 000726092X
ISBN-13 9780007260928
No of pages 478
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Harper Collins
Published Date 28 May 2009

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