Becoming Mrs Kumar

Heather Saville Gupta



Julia Robinson's bored. Her job at a top London ad agency is starting to feel a bit Samish, her London rent is killing her and she's been rained on one time too many to find the British weather amusing any longer.

More importantly, everyone but her seems to be paired off in cozy twosomes. Julia wants to shake things up and to the horror of friends and family jumps at the chance of a new job in Mumbai. Armed with nothing but a travel guide, fondness for curry and a vague awareness of Bollywood, she finds herself bang in the center of one of the most chaotic, energetic cities in the world.

But will she be able to navigate the potholes in the street, the glitzy nightlife of exclusive clubs and expensive cocktails and the customs and traditions of a whole new world to find her way to Mr. Right?

Language English
ISBN-10 9788184000412
ISBN-13 9788184000412
No of pages 352
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Random House India
Published Date 24 Apr 2013

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