Mars And Venus In Love.

John Gray


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Straight from the heart—real-life couples share inspiring, edifying stories of Mars and Venus in love.

Millions of readers have learned about relationships from John Gray's previous bestsellers, such as Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus; Mars and Venus on a Date; and Mars and Venus in the Bedroom. Inspired by this enthusiasm, Gray asked a number of readers to share their own stories of how they've put his principles to work in their relationships. The result is this amazing collection of first-person accounts—along with Gray's own enlightening commentary—that will have you laughing, crying, and nodding in recognition.

Gray's contributors answer such questions as:

  • What problems have you had in your relationship, and how have you overcome them?
  • What special things do you and your partner do for each other?
  • How do you best communicate with each other?
  • How do you practice what you've learned?
  • How does your love feel different now from how it felt before?

Their answers illustrate more eloquently than any textbook how to use Gray's advice and counsel to create your own fulfilling, healthy, and loving relationships.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Different love needs: Gray explains that men and women have different love needs and understanding these differences is key to a successful relationship.

  2. Love languages: The book discusses how men and women often express love differently and emphasizes the importance of recognizing and appreciating these differences.

  3. Communication: Gray offers insights into how men and women communicate in relationships and provides strategies for improving communication and understanding.

  4. Emotional support: The book highlights the importance of providing emotional support to your partner in a way that is meaningful to them.

  5. Resolving conflicts: Gray provides guidance on how to resolve conflicts in a way that respects the differences between men and women.

  6. Maintaining passion: The book offers advice on how to keep passion alive in a long-term relationship and avoid common pitfalls that can lead to a loss of intimacy.

  7. Gender roles: Gray discusses traditional gender roles and how they can influence relationship dynamics, suggesting that couples should define their own roles based on their individual needs and values.

  8. Building trust: The book emphasizes the importance of building trust in a relationship and provides tips for creating a strong foundation of trust.

  9. Understanding emotions: Gray explores the differences in how men and women experience and express emotions, and offers insights into how to navigate these differences in a relationship.

  10. Creating harmony: Overall, "Mars And Venus In Love" provides practical advice for creating harmony and understanding in relationships between men and women, helping couples to build strong and lasting connections.

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Published Date 05 Sep 1996

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