Stuff India - November 2021

Haymarket Sac



The light show is done, the guests are gone and the sweets have conspired against the weighing scale. Let the Stuff November issue nurse you back to health with our smartwatch feature that covers all sorts of new and fun fitness trackers. Or you can dig into a hot cuppa and enjoy the sweet serenity of good music with our cover story. We stuffed it with all sorts of music listening gadgetry, from lights that dance with your music to speakers that fill every inch of your home, there’s even a page and two for the most Hi-Fi of the lot.

This is one of our feature-heavy issues and as tradition goes, video games have once again bombarded our wallets before Christmas so we’ve packed in the best upgrades for your gaming setup, handheld or otherwise! All that along with the latest reviews and snippets from the newest launches is for you to feast your eyes upon in the November issue!

Language English
No of pages 84
Book Publisher Haymarket Sac
Published Date 01 Nov 2021

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