How To Coach A Soccer Team: Professional Advice On Building A Winning Team.

Tony Carr


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This book is essential for any coach who wants to harness this enthusiasm among youngsters to build a strong, motivated soccer team. Easy-to-follow drills for every aspect of the game, from warm-up to tactics. Whatever your team needs to work on you will find the solutions here. Whether you are selecting a goalkeeper or raising general fitness, this book is packed with practical tips and advice.

Building a winning team has never been easier. Emphasizes fun and enjoyment throughout, ensuring that youngsters retain their passion and enthusiasm for the game while learning valuable skills such as team work and fair play.

Language English
ISBN-10 9780600610793
ISBN-13 9780600610793
No of pages 144
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Octopus Publishing
Published Date 15 Sep 2005

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