Designing And Managing Human Resource Systems

Udai Pareek , Udai Pareek/T.V.Rao



Contents: the concept and boundaries of human resource system / contexts and system designing / analysing the role for development / matching the role and the person: recruitment and placement / the beginnings of salicalisation: induction and placement / developing the person in the role: performance appraisal / from performance appraisal to performance management: recent developments / beyond the present role: potential appraisal / designing and managing assessment centres / developing dyadic relationships: performance review and coaching / preparing for advancement: career planning and development / development system: training and learning organisation / developing pride and joy: job enrichment, quality of working life, and role efficacy / development approach to worker affairs / self-renewal: o.D. And change management research / socialisation process: integrating the individual in the culture / 360 degree of multirater assessment and feedback systems (mafs) / using instruments and behaviour simulation for hrd / reinforcing pride and team work: compensation and reward system / some issues in human resource system designing / strategies of developing human resources / making hrd effective: hrd audit / hrd function: global models and indian experiences: an audit / asian trends in hrd / hrd resources / index

What will you learn from this book

  1. HR System Design: Understanding the principles and methodologies involved in designing various HR systems, including recruitment, training, performance appraisal, compensation, and career development.

  2. Strategic Alignment: Emphasizing the alignment of HR systems with organizational objectives and strategies to ensure HR practices support and drive business goals.

  3. Talent Acquisition: Strategies for attracting, selecting, and onboarding talent that fits the organizational culture and contributes to its success.

  4. Training and Development: Designing training programs and initiatives to enhance employee skills, knowledge, and competencies aligned with organizational needs.

  5. Performance Management: Implementing effective performance appraisal systems, setting clear goals, providing feedback, and linking individual performance to organizational objectives.

  6. Compensation and Benefits: Designing competitive and fair compensation structures and benefits packages to attract, retain, and motivate employees.

  7. Career Planning and Development: Establishing career paths, succession planning, and development programs to nurture talent and facilitate career growth.

  8. Employee Relations: Managing employee relations, creating a positive work environment, handling conflicts, and promoting a culture of trust and collaboration.

  9. Change Management: Strategies for managing HR-related changes, organizational restructuring, and adapting HR systems to evolving business needs.

  10. Measurement and Evaluation: Utilizing metrics, analytics, and evaluation methods to assess the effectiveness of HR systems and initiatives.

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Book Publisher Oxford &ibh
Published Date 01 Jan 2017

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Author : Udai Pareek/T.V.Rao

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