He's Just Not That Into You.

Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo



A brilliantly witty and entertaining guide to interpreting men from the writers of Sex and the City. Fresh from helping Carrie and the gang with their dating dilemmas, they've given the rest of us a decoder ring to the men in our lives. But this book isn't just about eliminating the bad apples – it's also about holding onto the good ones.

• This hilarious, playful, but honest explanation of male behaviour from the writers of Sex and the City is designed to stop women wasting their time chasing after men who aren't into them, and help them to move on – and find men who really are.

• The wisdom of the book can be summed up by the following: men don’t want to tell women when they’re not interested – and women don’t want to hear it anyway.

• The book’s positive message: It happens to the most beautiful, funny, interesting and intelligent women and all it means is that it’s time to say ‘Next!’

• Upfront and forthright, the book explains why the man you're waiting for might not be worth the wait – or all your excuses. It’s not that he’s too busy, just got out of a relationship or scared of intimacy.

• It discloses such tell-tale signs of a lack of interest as 'He's Just Not That Into You If He's Not Calling You,' or ‘If He’s Not Dating You,’ 'If He Only Wants To See You When He's Drunk,' ‘If He’s Having Sex With Someone Else,’ not to mention 'If He's Married.'

• Practical advice: reveals how to interpret the ‘mystery’ signals men give off that are shouting the obvious.

• Just like Berger on SATC, helpfully (and outrageously) informing Miranda of a guy she liked that "he's just not into you," this book will show you how to eliminate the no-hopers, and give you the confidence to move onto those who recognise how gorgeous you are!

What will you learn from this book

  1. Recognizing disinterest: The book helps readers recognize signs that indicate someone may not be interested in a romantic relationship.

  2. Accepting reality: It encourages readers to accept the reality of a situation rather than making excuses for someone's behavior.

  3. Self-worth: The book emphasizes the importance of recognizing one's own self-worth and not settling for less than they deserve in a relationship.

  4. Communication: Behrendt and Tuccillo stress the importance of clear and honest communication in relationships.

  5. Setting boundaries: The book suggests that setting boundaries is crucial in relationships and can help prevent heartache.

  6. Avoiding games: Behrendt and Tuccillo advise against playing games or trying to manipulate a situation to get someone's attention.

  7. Moving on: The book encourages readers to move on from relationships that are not fulfilling or healthy.

  8. Being proactive: It suggests that being proactive in pursuing what you want in a relationship is important.

  9. Friendship: Behrendt and Tuccillo highlight the value of friendship in a romantic relationship.

  10. Personal growth: Finally, the book suggests that personal growth and self-improvement are key to finding a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Language English
ISBN-10 0007198213
ISBN-13 9780007198214
No of pages 201
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Harper
Published Date 07 Nov 2005

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