Be On The Lookout: Bodyguard

Tyler Anne Snell


In Circulation

Protecting a woman who claimed she didn't need a bodyguard made his final case the most interesting of his career… 

Before he settles down behind the desk, Orion Security bodyguard Jonathan Carmichael has one last assignment. One that might prove to be more than he bargained for. Because Kate Spears is adamant she doesn't need his protection. And a woman who doesn't want a bodyguard could be difficult, dangerous—and terribly intriguing. 

Kate is used to taking care of herself. Unfortunately, her most recent scientific discovery has made someone intent on taking her research and her life. Now only one man stands between her and death. And while Jonathan is more than capable of protecting her body, she fears he could be the one man to wreak havoc on her very soul.

Language English
ISBN-10 9350298201
ISBN-13 9789350298206
No of pages 216
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Mills & Boon
Published Date 05 Aug 2016

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Author : Tyler Anne Snell

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