A Bagful of Mystery

Satyajit Ray


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Feluda is a professional detective with a super sharp brain. His cousin Topshe and friend Lalmohan Ganguli team up with him to capture devious culprits and solve puzzling mysteries. Satyajit Ray s adventures of Feluda have been avidly read by children for years. Now Feluda appears in an exciting comic book series. In A Bagful of Mystery Feluda s client Dinanath Lahiri has a strange problem.

On a train from Delhi to Kolkata, someone has taken his bag and replaced it with an identical one. Can Feluda find his bag and return the new bag to its rightful owner? Behind this seemingly simple request lies a maze of mystifying questions. Did Dinanath s bag really contain a long-lost antique manuscript?

Did a precious artefact find its way into the bag unknown to everyone? And who is the shadowy criminal ready to ambush them anytime, anywhere? Can Feluda solve this mystery without any real clues? Their action-packed search takes them through the busy streets of Kolkata and Delhi and into the final dangerous climax on the snowy slopes of the Simla hills. Get set for excitement, action and a startling resolution in this mystery of mixed-up bags.

Language English
ISBN-10 0143331094
ISBN-13 9780143331094
No of pages 39
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher puffin
Published Date 09 Aug 2009

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