Nothing Lasts Forever.

Vish Dhamija



'Nothing lasts Forever' is a fantastic thriller novel penned by Visy Dhamija . The story has very interesting plot which begins with the scene where the fire incident happened at a Mumbai's posh World Sea Face apartment. The person named Raja Kumar died in this incident. Inspector Michael D'Cunha is called in to investigate the case and he is convinced any how that it is not a normal incident but an arson- it is either for insurance or an unfaithful relationship gone sour.

During this nail-biting situation, it has been found that Raja’s wife Serena is out of the country and the suspected other woman Kim has more alibi than he can count. Meanwhile, Raja’s close friend has died mysteriously. And the murder has happened in such circumstances when the Bombay Stock Exchange has nosedived.

And it is only then that the police begins to dig old graves. Love, deception, murder, suspense, are the elements that the readers will find in this book. The book will provide you the ultimate entertainment. It compels you to feel your adrenaline rush for sure. Visy Dhamija is a famous British Indian author of thriller, crime fiction. he wrote his first novel is Nothing Lasts Forever and earned ""Vodafone-Crossword Book Award 2011."" He has also written his second thriller book named ""Bhindi Bazaar"" that is also a good thriller book .

Language English
ISBN-10 9380349246
ISBN-13 978-9-38034-924-4
No of pages 149
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 12 Jan 2010

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