Barack Obama The Movement for Change

Anthony Painter


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"Barack Obama: The Movement for Change" tells the story of a visionary leader who refuses to be limited by America's history and determines instead to change it. His plan for change is the latest expression of a movement for justice: a movement that has swept forward with the collective energy of great leaders like Martin Luther King, Robert F Kennedy, Lyndon B Johnson, Harold Washington, Chicago's first black Mayor, and countless others who have bent the 'arc of morality' towards justice. By looking at the biography of the man, this mixed race Hawaiian with Kenyan and Kansan parents, a window on America in twenty-first century is revealed.

His life touches and is touched by a sinking community of Chicago's South Side. He challenges the lazy assumptions of American racial discourse. He creates an argument for political change and a different America. He wins a presidential election few thought possible when his formidable campaign was launched. "Barack Obama: The Movement for Change" tells a story for our times. It is not the story of a single man. It is the story of a movement and of the people who drove the movement forward. It is a new American story that will cascade down the generations. America has changed and Barack Obama's story tells us how and why and what we can expect.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-1-906-41323-1
No of pages 212
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Book Publisher BlackAmber Inpirations
Published Date 01 Jan 2009

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