The Hidden Hitler.

Lothar Machtan


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Lothar Machtan makes a compelling case that Adolf Hitler was homosexual, and that one cannot begin to understand him, his entry into politics, and the early Nazi movement without a clear understanding of this aspect of his identity. Recent books on the Nazi movement have argued that the Third Reich was a fundamentally sordid regime.

Machtan provides powerful new evidence in support of this view. This side of Hitler and his "Munich clique," as Goebbels put it, has never been so vividly evoked. As an intimate portrait of Hitler and as a surprising portrait of the homoerotic nature of the early Nazi movement, The Hidden Hitler is a major and certainly controversial contribution to the biographical literature.

Language English
ISBN-10 046504309-7
No of pages 434
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Book Publisher Basic Books
Published Date 09 Oct 2002

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