So Little Time - Makeover Experiment

Mary-Kate And Ashley



Catch up with Style Queens Mary-Kate and Ashley in the latest installment of the So Little Time series. Starring Chloe and Riley Olsen, this fashion-filled book full of cute boys, fantastic friends and makeovers!

Style queens Mary-Kate and Ashley feature as fourteen-year-old twins Chloe and Riley Carlson in this great series. They live by Malibu Beach with stressed-out fashion designer mom and housekeeper Manuelo, while dad has moved out to ‘find himself’ in a trailer.

When Riley makes over her boyfriend from punk-rocker to stylin' hottie, he's almost too good to be true! But Riley's in for a reality check when the "new and improved" Charlie has some makeover plans of his own…for her!

Stressed-out Chloe is in need of an extreme makeover, too. She's going nuts trying to please everybody all of the time! But when her new laid-back attitude causes her to miss and exam, forget a big date, and break an important
promise to Riley, her friends and family want to know: is the old Chloe gone for good?

There’s never a dull moment at Malibu Beach – so much to do, so little time!

Language English
ISBN-10 9780007204816
ISBN-13 9780007204816
No of pages 128
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Harper Collins Publishers
Published Date 02 May 2006

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