Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw The Man And His Times

Brigadier Behram M. Panthaki(Retd) And Zenobia Pan


In Circulation

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw was the Chief of the Indian Army from 1969 to 1973. This book is a reflection on Sam, his character traits, sense of humor, moral and professional courage and the enigma that made up his personality. It presents a unique insight to his thinking and his style of dealing with a spectrum of situations from the sublime to the mundane. Above all, it portrays his humility, his honesty and his respect for men in uniform, regardless of rank. The book is anecdotal and an easy read as it walks you through his life from childhood to the pinnacle of glory. The political canvas, woven lightly into this very personal story, highlights how a brilliant military strategist shaped the destiny of the Indian subcontinent. Family photographs, copies of citations, handwritten notes and personal correspondence make this book a treasure to read and acquire.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Early Life and Background: The book delves into Sam Manekshaw's early life, upbringing, and family background, shedding light on the formative experiences that shaped his character and values.

  2. Military Career: It chronicles Manekshaw's illustrious military career, from his days as a cadet at the Indian Military Academy to his rise through the ranks to become India's first Field Marshal.

  3. Leadership Style: The book explores Manekshaw's leadership style, emphasizing his strategic acumen, tactical brilliance, and ability to inspire and motivate troops under his command.

  4. Role in India's Wars: Manekshaw played a pivotal role in several of India's wars, including the 1962 Sino-Indian War, the 1965 Indo-Pak War, and the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. The book provides insights into his contributions to these conflicts.

  5. 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War: A significant portion of the book is dedicated to Manekshaw's leadership during the 1971 war, culminating in the decisive victory that led to the creation of Bangladesh.

  6. Sense of Humor and Wit: Known for his wit and sense of humor, Manekshaw's personality shines through in anecdotes and quotes featured in the book, offering readers a glimpse into his lighter side.

  7. Relationships and Interactions: The authors provide insights into Manekshaw's relationships with fellow officers, politicians, and other key figures, offering a nuanced portrayal of his interactions within the military and political spheres.

  8. Challenges Faced: The book discusses the challenges and obstacles Manekshaw encountered throughout his career, including bureaucratic hurdles, political pressures, and personal sacrifices.

  9. Legacy and Impact: Manekshaw's legacy extends beyond his military achievements, encompassing his role as a symbol of national pride and unity. The book explores his enduring impact on India's armed forces and society as a whole.

  10. Historical Context: Set against the backdrop of India's post-independence history, the biography provides a broader historical context for Manekshaw's life and career, highlighting the significance of his contributions to the nation.

Language English
ISBN-10 9383098309
ISBN-13 9789383098309
No of pages 215
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Book Publisher Niyogi Books
Published Date 01 Apr 2014

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