The Way it Was: My Autobiography

Stanley Mathews



Stanley Matthews was the most popular footballer of his era, the man who epitomized a generation of legendary players: Tom Finney, Nat Lofthouse, Billy Wright, and many more. He was the first footballer ever to be knighted, the first European Footballer of the Year (at 41), and he played in the top division until he was 50.

He will be forever remembered for his performance in the Matthews FA Cup final of 1953, when he inspired Blackpool to victory over Bolton."The Way It Was"is the fascinating memoir of a great footballer and the remarkable story of an extraordinary life, written in the last months of his life."

What will you learn from this book

  1. Early Life: Matthews shares details about his upbringing, childhood, and early experiences playing football that shaped his career.

  2. Football Career Beginnings: The autobiography covers Matthews' early football career, including his time playing for Stoke City and Blackpool, and his rise to prominence in English football.

  3. International Success: Matthews reflects on his experiences representing England at the international level, including playing in World Cup tournaments and memorable matches for the national team.

  4. Style of Play: The book delves into Matthews' unique playing style, known for his dribbling skills, speed, and agility, which earned him the nickname "The Wizard of Dribble."

  5. Challenges and Triumphs: Matthews discusses the challenges and triumphs he faced throughout his football career, including injuries, setbacks, and moments of glory on the pitch.

  6. Footballing Legends: The autobiography includes insights into Matthews' relationships with other footballing legends of his time, both as teammates and opponents.

  7. Longevity in Football: Matthews' longevity in professional football is a key theme, as he played at a high level well into his 40s, showcasing his dedication, fitness, and passion for the game.

  8. Legacy: The book reflects on Matthews' legacy in the world of football, his impact on the sport, and his enduring influence on future generations of players.

  9. Evolution of Football: Matthews provides observations and reflections on the evolution of football, from changes in playing styles and tactics to advancements in training and sports science.

  10. Life Beyond Football: The autobiography concludes with Matthews' experiences and activities after retiring from professional football, including coaching, mentoring young players, and his contributions to the footballing community.

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Published Date 03 Apr 2000

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