Buddha - An Enlightened Life

Kieron Moore



In the ancient city of Kapilavastu, a Prince named Siddhartha Gautam is born, and a wise man declares that he will grow up to be either a powerful King or a spiritual leader who will lead his followers out of suffering. Though his father, the King, tries to keep him sheltered, Prince Siddhartha soon becomes aware of the pain and disease that pervades the world.

He surreptitiously leaves the palace in his quest for the meaning of life, and undergoes a transformation into a holy monk experimenting with severe penances and austerities to find the answers he seeks. After many years of a spiritual journey, he emerges as Gautam Buddha, the great teacher of a way of life now evolved as a new religion adopted by millions across the world, which spreads a message of compassion and understanding to those who seek a spiritual relevance in today’s times.

Language English
ISBN-13 9789381182291
No of pages 151
Book Publisher Campfire books
Published Date 11 Jul 2017

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Author : Kieron Moore


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