Love...Will Find Its Way?




"Behind success of every boy, there lies a girl!", everybody says; but nobody ever said, "numerous boys have ruined their career just because of a girl".

Luv is an innocent child from a lower middle class Indian family.

As he grows older, his feelings shuttle between love and lust. Unaware about the problems, that their son is passing through, his parents continue exerting pressure on him to excel in academics.

Incognisant of the cons of love, he falls in love with a girl in his initial school days inviting several problems. His mind and heart are in constant battle. The heroine does not understand his feelings and falls in love with someone else.

Coherent pressure of studies continues from his parents. He introspects if he should succumb or commit suicide.

Will that girl realize his love before it is too late? Will he ruin his life by becoming a drug-addict? Will he start going to prostitution centers? Will he value relationships or career more? Will his parents guide him as a friend? And above all, will the love of Luv, find its way?

Its a book which will prove an inspirational tale for all those youths who ruin their life for the sake of their love. It is for all those girls who fail marrying their 'love', just because of fear of caste, creed, society and family.Its for all chaps, who cannot discuss sex related topics with their parents.
It is also for all those parents who want their children to become successful, irrespective of providing them a friendly atmosphere.

How many persons in this world are lucky enough to get their first love?

Is love only governed by body physic and attire?

How far is it justifiable to put career and family on stake, for getting your love?

Lets find out answers to all the above queries in this lovely tale of love vs lust vs career.

Language English
ISBN-10 9352013298
ISBN-13 9789352013296
No of pages 212
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 08 Jul 2015

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