Love Forever @ Rajpath

Kalpana Mishra





True love in this modern era may be a scarce little thing, but it is definitely not elusive altogether; and, this love story tries to portray just this in beautiful words in the narrative of Shalini and Kartik’s story.

Shalini is a busy employee with a government and as any modern-day woman has no time for love and relationship, let alone marriage. However, soon she finds herself getting attracted to and falls in love with her colleague from Bihar, Kartik. All’s well in their lives and just when she starts believing in love and taking their relationship more seriously, Kartik does a vanishing job and goes missing.

In her quest to find her love once again, the story moves to reveal some dark societal secrets about the still-existing Zabaria Shaadi where boys are abducted and forced to marry.

Will Shalini be able to find her love and save Kartik from becoming a victim to such a tradition is part of the story’s romantic plot? Will Kartik be able to choose his love over his family? The love story gives the answer to all these questions.

Published by Srishti Publishers & Distributers, ‘Love Forever @ Rajpath’ is a sweet love story that stands the test of time fighting against all odds. On one hand, it depicts the predicament of a girl on the verge of losing the love of her life while, on the other hand, it sheds lights on the inner turmoil of a guy standing between family traditions and love.

Language English
ISBN-10 9382665641
ISBN-13 9789382665649
No of pages 222
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 12 Feb 2016

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