Ramses: Under The Western Acacia-V.

Christian Jacq



Under the Western Acacia: 5 (Ramses) is the final book of Christian Jacq's bestselling Ramses series. The storyline moves forward in this book with the Hittite King who wants Ramses, the Pharaoh of Egypt, to get married to his daughter.

Meanwhile the revenge-driven Libyans are plotting to revolt. Ramses II is regarded as the greatest Pharaoh of Egypt and the five books in the popular series have covered his entire journey in life, starting from the time when he was a fourteen-year old in volume I till the time he becomes an old man in the last book of the series.

The story now shows Ramses as a fifty-year old man. He had brought prosperity in Egypt and could have led a peaceful life thereafter. However, situations are such that he must rule Egypt and try to maintain peace in his country against all odds.

The Hittite Emperor tries to put pressure on Ramses to marry his daughter under the threat of a new war looming close and the Libyans are ready for a revolt against him already.

Finally, the time comes for Ramses in his old age when he meets his final enemy. He sits under the shade of an acacia tree in order to get ready for his final journey. Ramses is a likeable and strong personality, but he has his share of flaws too.

Under the Western Acacia: 5 (Ramses) was published by Pocket Books in the year, 1999, as a paperback. This new edition of the fifth book in the popular series is a complete package of history, politics and adventure.


Language English
ISBN-10 0-671-01024-7
No of pages 354
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Simon & Schuster
Published Date 02 Oct 1999

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