The Hitman's Girlfriend

Kamini Kusum



Erika runs a bakery café in Goa. She is in love with hitman Peter who works for a mafia gang. Vishal, a brilliant cop, meets Erika in her café and falls in love with her.

But Erika despises Vishal since he is the one who killed her elder brother Savio. In her attempt to seek revenge, she becomes a part of a plan which could lead to Vishal’s downfall, but a shocking revelation changes her life forever.

What is that shocking truth? How are things going to unfold for Erika? Read this romance thriller and dive deeper into the world of drama, lies and deception.

Language English
No of pages 60
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 15 Jul 2022

About Author

Author : Kamini Kusum


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