Jyothi Menon & Pradeep Nevatia


Brand-wise is all about creating a brand of an organization to attract talent. people presumably view companies they want to work for Exactly the same way they look at their interpersonal relationships. People differ in their reasons for choosing to work for different organizations, just as they pick a certain type of person to get into a particular kind of relationships. Therefore, companies need to become beacons of brands that attract talent. it is this talent that will drive efficiency and enhance bottom lines so that some of the profitability can be used to sustain the re-engineering tactics of seeking alternate talent. the brand of an organization has to be constructed carefully. It has to be built with passion, love, honesty and complete vision, it needs visionary zeal courage. It needs courage, for these are not things that are done ordinarily.
Language English
ISBN-10 81-88661-29-5
No of pages 88
Book Publisher East West Books
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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