Two Faced Three Knives






A murder that connects a management consultant from London and a lawyer in Africa.

A conspiracy that brings together a large Indian conglomerate, a spiritual guru, a corrupt banker and a foreign company.

Why does an NGO founder leave his established Corporate Career in the US to serve farmers in India?
Is the professor a teacher, an activist, a social worker or a power broker?

A spiritual guru who transforms and destroys lives.

Discover through the story of Trisha, a competitive management consultant from India working for an international firm is seconded to London for an assignment. A business assignment in the remote lands of Africa exposes her to corruption and murder. Forced to choose between a high-flying career and inner calling, her life transforms completely, bringing her back to India, dedicated to a career in corporate sustainability.

Several events put her right in the center of an unholy nexus of a corporate conglomerate, a large bank, an international company and a spiritual sect. Trisha’s story is a medley of ambition, corruption, catharsis and redemption that unravels the accidental crusader within her.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-9354465628
ISBN-13 978-9354465628
No of pages 274
Book Publisher Evincepub Publishing
Published Date 15 Mar 2022
Audio Book Length 07:17:19

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