Tsunami Simon

Damodar Mauzo



Thirteen-year-old Simon lives in a coastal village in South Goa. He juggles school, dancing, karate classes and thoroughly loves the sea, especially going on fishing trips with his father, Gabru. Despite growing up in modern times, Simon nurtures a deep love for their traditional fisher-folk life. This winter Simon goes to Tamil Nadu, to spend his Christmas vacation with his aunt.

But the holiday comes to a disastrous end. One morning, when out fishing with his uncle, the gigantic waves of the tsunami strike the coast of South India sparing little that lay in its path. Does Simon survive this calamity? What about his family? Will life ever be the same again?

Language English
ISBN-10 9789380637112
ISBN-13 9789380637112
No of pages 152
Book Publisher Ponytale Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2013

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Author : Damodar Mauzo

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