You Can Win

Shiv Khera



An easy to read, practical, common-sense approach that will take you from ancient wisdom to contemporary thinking, You Can Win helps you dispel confusion in daily life and clarify values.

The book helps you evaluate if you are going through life out of inspiration (playing to win) or desperation (playing not to lose). It translates positive thinking into attitude, ambition and action that brings in the winning edge.

What will you learn from this book


• Ideas need to be grounded and nurtured. Otherwise, they crumble into oblivion, no matter how great they are.

• People often spend their time trying to discover their personality. But in reality it isn’t something you find; rather, it is something which you create for yourself as a part of your identity.

• Discipline drives success. Without discipline, one can’t make the best of the opportunities presented.

• Habits have substantial power and they prevail over rational reasoning. Hence, good habits need to be developed to make sure you aren’t under the influence of negative habits.

Language English
ISBN-10 0333937406
ISBN-13 9780333937402
No of pages 290
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Macmillan
Published Date 01 Jan 2005

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