Born to be Sold

Prashenjit Shome





Born to be sold is a tragic story about fifteen year old AMIRA from Assam. She falls into trap of a trafficker. He is sure that she will get him a big deal. With that nasty intention he makes up his mind to marry her by all means and he lures cousin of Amira, with money to persuade her mother, maternal uncle and maternal aunt to give her marriage to him.

He succeeds in his mission and marries Amira and according his notorious plan takes her away to Delhi and sells her to a highest buyer, since then an unimaginable tragedy pursues her life.

She is a symbol of paro, a traditional word means saleable commodity of the market who sells her right of life to others to use her body liberally without protest. Amira is sold and bought many times as a bride and used as a slave from one to another as if she is born to be sold. She is experienced to love pain and humiliated in the battle of life every moment by the men.

She is exhausted fighting the challenges coming towards her and still waiting to be sold again to a new client. BORN TO BE SOLD reveals the extreme desire and dominating nature of men.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789354902284
ISBN-13 9789354902284
No of pages 358
Book Publisher Ukiyoto Publishing
Published Date 31 Jul 2021
Audio Book Length 08:52:14

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Author : Prashenjit Shome


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