Anticipating India: The Best of National Interest

Shekhar Gupta



Anticipating India: The Best Of National Interest is a collection of topics discussed under popular columnist Shekhar Gupta’s, National Interest. National Interest is a weekly column in The Indian Express that he writes. This book gives readers a sneak peek at the changing face of Indian politics, and other national issues that took place during the last two decades. It presents these events as they have appeared in the columns, and through the words of the expert writer, Shekhar Gupta.

Shekar initially started writing National Interest in the year 1997, beginning with a sarcastic dig on Sitaram Kesri and his ambitions. Since then, this column gained popularity, and Shekhar through his writing, continued to bring out the reality and truth behind sensitive issues. Shekar’s exceptional writing skills of dissecting the facts, to reach the heart of the issue has gained him a large readership. Covering a range of topics, from the ruling and state of affairs of the Congress, to Modi’s rise as a leader, and from the Girhotra’s case to the latest Delhi gangrape, this book portrays India in its true sense and guides the reader in understanding the country.

Anticipating India: The Best Of National Interest was written by Shekhar Gupta, and published by HarperCollins in 2014. This book is available in hardcover.

Key Features:

  • Similar to Shekar’s popular weekly columns, this book is a national bestseller.
  • As an observer of politics, Shekar’s incisive observations and predictions about political parties has turned out to be true, and this book is a testament to this fact.
Language English
ISBN-10 9789351362555
ISBN-13 9789351362555
No of pages 480
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher HarperCollins
Published Date 20 Apr 2004

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Author : Shekhar Gupta


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