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With moderate beginnings from a small town in Gujarat to the founder of India's first privately owned Fortune 500 company, Dhirubhai is a quintessential story of rags to riches. Not a product of the formal education system, Dhirubhai was known for his astute business acumen and entrepreneurial prowess. No wonder Dhirubhai's business philosophy was quite different from his contemporaries.

This book is not about Dhirubhai's life, or how Dhirubhai went about building his business empire. Dhirubhaism is an attempt to capture those unique insights that Dhirubhai shared with the author in several interactions during their long association. The 15 Dhirubhiasms put together bring out the work philosophy of Dhirubhai and give us a glimpse into the remarkable thinking process and practices of one of India's most successful entrepreneurs.

Language English
ISBN-10 9780070633735
No of pages 96
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Book Publisher Tata Mcgraw-Hill
Published Date 01 Jul 2017

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