Don't Step In The Leadership

Scott Adams


Does Dilbert creator Scott Adams have a hidden camera in your office--or is he just completely in tune with the inept managers, wacky office politics, and nonsensical leadership practices that seem to run wild at your company? Dilbert has become the most successful strip in the '90s because Adams feels your pain. He's seen the leadership firsthand. And he knows that to successfully navigate the ludicrous world of business you can't expect common sense to prevail, you need to keep a sense of humor and, above all, you must always look before you leap. Don't Step in the Leadership is the latest Dilbert collection from the creator responsible for uniting cubicle dwellers across the world, for giving them hope . . .uh, well, at least a big laugh. So be a pal and help Scott Adams be a good provider to his pets--buy this book. Leave it out on your desk to annoy the pointy-haired person in your life. Featuring cartoons from January to October 1998, it's a far better bargain than dinner and a movie! Dilbert, which now appears in 1900 papers, has been making workers of the world laugh since 1989, amassing 150 million fans in 57 countries. Visit Dilbert on the World Wide Web at
Language English
ISBN-10 0-7522-2389-5
No of pages 127
Book Publisher Macmillan
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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