Against all Odds: Inspirational True Story Of Conquering Cancer During Pregnancy

Sugat Gopnarayan



Deepika and Sugat had just got back from a vacation when they got the best news of their lives. They were going to be parents! The relationship that had started in college ten years ago was now entering a new phase.
In a strange twist of fate, Deepika was diagnosed with a rare breast cancer associated with pregnancy. They could neither terminate the pregnancy, nor delay the treatment. So they geared up to fight it out with the right medical guidance.
Whether it was the excruciating chemotherapy sessions, or the breast surgery to remove the tumour; forty hours of labour pain or the near-death experience – she sailed through the ordeal, Against All Odds.
Read this inspirational tale of the grit and resolution of a mother, narrated by her husband, on how they fought all obstacles for their beloved child.

Language English
ISBN-13 9789395192385
No of pages 176
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 09 Oct 2023

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Author : Sugat Gopnarayan


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