Jack Welch And The 4E'S Of Leadership

Jeffrey A Krames


Jack Welch was one of history?s most competitive corporate leaders, and he had a well-defined process for surrounding himself with individuals cut from the same cloth. Jack Welch and The 4 E's of Leadership examines the model Welch used to identify and develop performance-based leaders and provides a template for incorporating Welch?s tactics into your career and organization. Bestselling author and Welch chronicler Jeffrey A. Krames details the inside secrets of Welch?s success, including: • Insights into the 4E?s: Energy, the ability to Energize others, the Edge necessary to make the hard decisions, and the skill and confidence to Execute • 4E Leader To-Do Lists, along with quizzes, self-assessments, and observations of leadership gurus from Drucker to Senge • Leadership secrets of the Welch 4E All-Stars, featuring the management strategies of five exceptional leaders During Jack Welch?s tenure as CEO, GE turned out more Fortune 500 CEOs than any organization in history. Jack Welch and The 4 E's of Leadership takes you step-by-step through the reasons for that astonishing record, and provides you with specific actions for recognizing and rewarding authentic leaders and becoming a 4E leader yourself.
Language English
ISBN-10 0-07-060116-X
No of pages 250
Book Publisher Tata Mcgraw-Hill
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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