Six Sigma Execution

George Eckes


True leadership, asserts Six Sigma authority George Eckes, is devoted to execution. Eckes witnessed firsthand the successful execution of Six Sigma when business leader Jack Welch at General Electric wholly committed to the methodology, adopting it as a true management philosophy. The author also witnessed how a lack of leadership and commitment can derail a Six Sigma initiative - or even doom it to failure before it gets off the ground. In "Six Sigma Execution", Eckes draws on his vast professional experience to describe the business acumen and leadership skills needed to effectively incorporate Six Sigma into an organization's DNA, executing initiatives throughout the entire company. He delivers a practical blueprint that simulates the training and coaching sessions used with his own clients, providing you with the dialogue, tools, tactics, and cautionary advice you can use to spearhead and deploy a Six Sigma effort of any size.In this book, you will discover the characteristics of top Six Sigma leadership as Eckes chronicles the history of the approach from its inception when Bob Galvin incorporated Six Sigma into Motorola's operations to Larry Bossidy, who linked Six Sigma to strategic business objectives at AlliedSignal and Honeywell to GE's Jack Welch, who was the first to truly create a Six Sigma culture. Also addressed is the work of Jeff Immelt, James McNerney, and others.Eckes cites both positive and negative examples of companies that have operationalized Six Sigma, and goes on to deliver clear guidelines for: actively involving management in the Six Sigma process; linking Six Sigma to your company's strategic goals; selecting team leaders and establishing goals for project teams; using Adult Learning Theory to execute Six Sigma training and coaching in a more accessible, efficient manner; using the Define, Measure, Analysis, Improve, Control (DMAIC) method to deliver solutions for problem areas at any phase of implementation; and, avoiding common pitfalls of Six Sigma deployment.Complete with DMAIC breakouts, tables, and inter and post session deliverables, "Six Sigma Execution" is a breakthrough, hands-on guide to duplicating the success of the Six Sigma pros in your company. Join the ranks of the pros - make Six Sigma a cultural phenomenon in your organization. General Electric, AlliedSignal, Motorola - You've heard how these top companies increased their efficiency and productivity by successfully implementing Six Sigma in their organizations. You may also have heard how companies such as United and American Airlines failed in their Six Sigma efforts.So what made the difference? How did Six Sigma deliver such strong results for certain companies? And how can you ensure an effective execution in your organization? The answers have one thing in common, asserts Six Sigma professional George Eckes: strong, committed leadership. In his latest breakthrough book, "Six Sigma Execution", bestselling author Eckes reveals the leadership skills necessary to manage and maintain a Six Sigma initiative in your organization. Eckes delivers solutions that senior and middle managers can use to effectively deploy a company-wide program, identifying the challenges business leaders face in a Six Sigma world.You'll discover: how top executives such as GE's Jack Welch, AlliedSignal's Larry Bossidy, and Motorola's Bob Galvin shaped the cultural aspect of implementing Six Sigma and executed initiatives across an entire organization; management do's and don'ts on everything from linking Six Sigma to your company's strategic goals to creating a Six Sigma culture to seamlessly rolling out organization-wide initiatives; why certain companies stumbled when it came to execution - and how to avoid those same pitfalls; and, take lessons from the pros. "Six Sigma Execution" is your one-stop resource for successful implementation across your organization.
Language English
ISBN-10 0-07-061186-6
No of pages 278
Book Publisher Tata Mcgraw-Hill
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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