The Calhouns

Nora Roberts


Nora Roberts is a good writer, but she's at her best when she's writing a series that covers multiple family members. That's the case with this book, and continues with the stories of Suzanna and Megan. Each book is good on it's own, but it's better to read them order because the stories do tie together. The Calhoun women live in Bar Harbor in The Towers, the family home for over 80 years. The place has seen better days and they are facing the prospect of selling it. The first story is about Catherine and Trent. Trent's family owns a string of first-rate hotels and he wants to buy The Towers. The two, of course, have an attraction and by the end of the book, it is agreed that half will remain the Calhoun family home, half will be renovated into a hotel. Woven into the story is one about Bianca, the girls great-grandmother. It tells her story from her point of view about her loveless marriage and how she falls in love with a painter. The similarities between the two stories are wonderful. There is also the legend of the Calhoun emeralds, a necklace that Bianca hid from her husband and has never been found. It is agreed they are hidden in the house, and so the mystery of finding them begins. This is a great old-fashioned romance story. There is humor, love, friendship and mystery. The sisters are a wonderful group of women, Catherine, the mechanic, Amanda, the sensible one, Lilah, the carefree one and Suzanna, the mom. Megan, a sister-in-law by marriage, fits right in with them. Once you start reading the first entry, Courting Catherine, you won't stop until the conclusion with Megan's Mate. I found them hard to put down. Nora Roberts, once again, proves she's one of the best in romance writing!
Language English
ISBN-10 978-0-263-86741-1
No of pages 490
Book Publisher Silhouette
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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