Magic in You

Dr. Sumana Chakraborty



Have you always dreamed of a world where you are respected, valued, and have worth? Now is the time! We need knowledge and identification of self needs and fears that create an environment for success road to battle out the uncertain social and environmental changes. Path-breaking offerings by coaches and well-known influencers, in the form of quotations, sayings, proverbs, and life examples, result in the new living standards and comparisons, which can produce a Cascading effect or virtuous circle in the lifestyle and livelihood. If we understand the benefits and drawbacks, a balanced approach to nurturing the knowledge and perception of experienced visionaries will definitely result in a positive impact on our life goals and social model. This book would serve the readers, at their best, and be a life-changing experience by which they would mold their life, and move forward in the road of life, making it to a beautiful destination ahead.

Language English
ISBN-13 978-9390543250
No of pages 105
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 02 Jan 2021

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