Tinkle Digest No.327

Rajani Thindiath



What’s Special?

• Erin loves dragons while her uncle thinks they are a waste of her time. But his views are seriously challenged when a real dragon invades their village in The Girl Who Loved Dragons!

• The school board introduces new technology to Butterfingers’ school. And of course he messes it up the only way he can in Butterfingers and the Voice Recorder.

• A miserly but wealthy landowner has no interest in paying his workers fair wages. That is until word of The Peasant’s Gold forces him to rethink his decision.

• Rimo and Julliard are a pair of scaredy-cats. So when they decide to watch a horror movie, the experience is bound to get them Spooked!!!!

Also starring:

Tantri the Mantri can’t believe his good luck when he finds a way to turn Raja Hoja invisible. But his scheming is about to get a bit complicated…

A school inspector takes a teacher by surprise in his classroom. But The School Inspection isn’t exactly what it seems to be.

Supped is tasked with making spaghetti. But be prepared to be surprised when you ask him for ‘T’, Please.

What can Old Men and Their Moles do about those moles? Why, dance with demons, of course!

Language English
No of pages 95
Book Publisher Amar Chitra Katha
Published Date 01 Mar 2019

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Author : Rajani Thindiath


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