The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer.

Philip Carlo


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Philip Carlo's The Ice Man spent over six weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List. Top Mob Hitman. Devoted Family Man. Doting Father. For thirty years, Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski led a shocking double life, becoming the most notorious professional assassin in American history while happily hosting neighborhood barbecues in suburban New Jersey.

Richard Kuklinski was Sammy the Bull Gravano's partner in the killing of Paul Castellano, then head of the Gambino crime family, at Sparks Steakhouse. Mob boss John Gotti hired him to torture and kill the neighbor who accidentally ran over his child. For an additional price, Kuklinski would make his victims suffer; he conducted this sadistic business with coldhearted intensity and shocking efficiency, never disappointing his customers. By his own estimate, he killed over two hundred men, taking enormous pride in his variety and ferocity of technique.

This trail of murder lasted over thirty years and took Kuklinski all over America and to the far corners of the earth, Brazil, Africa, and Europe. Along the way, he married, had three children, and put them through Catholic school. His daughter's medical condition meant regular stays in children's hospitals, where Kuklinski was remembered, not as a gangster, but as an affectionate father, extremely kind to children. Each Christmas found the Kuklinski home festooned in colorful lights; each summer was a succession of block parties.

His family never suspected a thing.

Richard Kuklinski is now the subject of the major motion picture titled "The Iceman"(2013), starring James Franco, Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, and Chris Evans.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Cold-blooded Killer: Kuklinski's story reveals the extreme brutality and ruthlessness of his actions as a contract killer, earning him the nickname "The Iceman" for his detached and methodical approach to murder.

  2. Psychological Profile: Carlo delves into Kuklinski's psyche, exploring the psychological factors that contributed to his violent behavior, including childhood trauma, antisocial personality traits, and sociopathic tendencies.

  3. Family Life: Despite his violent profession, Kuklinski maintained a facade of normalcy in his family life, providing for his wife and children while hiding the true nature of his work from them.

  4. Code of Silence: The memoir sheds light on the Mafia's code of silence, or "omerta," which Kuklinski adhered to by keeping his criminal activities secret and avoiding detection by law enforcement for many years.

  5. Methods of Killing: Kuklinski's accounts of his methods of killing are gruesome and chilling, ranging from shootings and stabbings to poisonings and dismemberments, revealing the extent of his brutality.

  6. Professionalism: Despite the heinous nature of his crimes, Kuklinski prided himself on his professionalism and efficiency as a contract killer, earning a reputation for getting the job done without hesitation or remorse.

  7. Double Life: Kuklinski's double life as a devoted family man and cold-blooded killer underscores the complexities of human nature and the ability to compartmentalize one's emotions and actions.

  8. Law Enforcement Efforts: Carlo discusses the challenges faced by law enforcement in apprehending Kuklinski, including the lack of evidence and witnesses willing to testify against him, as well as his ability to evade capture through careful planning and cunning.

  9. Impact on Victims' Families: The book explores the devastating impact of Kuklinski's crimes on the families of his victims, who were left to grapple with grief, trauma, and the search for justice.

  10. Legacy of Violence: "The Ice Man" serves as a sobering reminder of the destructive power of organized crime and the human capacity for extreme violence, leaving behind a legacy of fear and tragedy.

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Published Date 18 Sep 2007

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