P.U.S.H. For Success.

Saira Khan


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Loud, gutsy and ballsy, Saira Khan won the hearts of the nation in the first series of the smash hit BBC2 TV programme The Apprentice. In P.U.S.H. for Success Saira shares the secrets of her success.

Saira has already proved herself to be highly motivated and brilliant at inspiring people to recognise and realise their full potential. Coming from a strict Muslim background - her parents and her brother were all born in Pakistan before emigrating to the United Kingdom - she has had to work hard to throw off the stereotypical image young Muslim women have and to prove herself in twenty-first century Britain. 

Using Saira's unique four-pronged approach - P = Be Proactive; U = Understanding; S = Sell Yourself; H = High Standards - and written in her lively, inimitable style, P.U.S.H. for Success will let some of the Saira factor into your life.

Language English
ISBN-10 009191044-7
ISBN-13 978-0091910440
No of pages 235
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Vermilion
Published Date 02 Mar 2006

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